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Cold Summer Snacks For Pets
June 15, 2023

With summer on the way, many people are enjoying their favorite hot-weather foods, such as ice cream and milkshakes. Pets also enjoy having cold treats as a relief from the heat. A local Kerrville, TX vet lists a few ‘pawesome’ options  in this article.

Ice Cream

Did you know that you can buy ice cream for Fido and Fluffy? Quite a few brands make products for our canine and feline pals. It’s also not hard to make your own. Combine minced or shredded meat with fat-free yogurt, and puree until smooth. Then, freeze it in an ice cube tray or freezable mold. Voila!

You can also experiment with other ingredients, such as natural peanut butter, ripe banana, pureed pumpkin, or sodium-free broth. Want to dress it up? Don’t add nuts or chocolate: these things are toxic to pets. You can, however, try things like kibble, bacon bits, or safe fruits and veggies.  Don’t share your ice cream with your furry friend though: our snacks aren’t safe for our animal companions.


Here’s a cute and easy one for Fido: Get some long chew sticks, sodium-free broth, and Dixie cups. Pour the broth into the cups, and put them in the freezer. Let them harden a little, and put the chew sticks into the centers. Just pop one out when you want to get Fido’s tail going.

Purrfect Kitty Snacks

You can also make some things for Fluffy. Mix canned tuna and fat free yogurt with a little parsley, and then divide into small portions and freeze. Or, pour tuna juice over shaved ice. Another option is to just freeze canned cat food in small portions, and offer your kitty that.

Broth Cubes

Sodium-free broth is a healthy treat for both dogs and cats. Pour some kibble, shredded meat, or crushed-up treats into an ice cube tray, and pour the broth over that. You can also try mixing canned tuna and salmon with fish broth, or chicken, carrots, peas, and chicken broth. See what your furry pal likes best!


Be sure to only use things that are safe for Fido and Fluffy. Never give your pet garlic or onions, meat on the bone; grapes or raisins; chocolate; alcohol; or anything that contains xylitol. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about your pet’s diet? Contact us, your Kerrville TX pet clinic, anytime!