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Puppy Grooming Tips
July 1, 2023

Have you recently adopted a puppy? That first year is a critical time in little Fido’s life, as this is when he’ll form his opinions about, well everything. Making sure your furry pal has positive experiences at this stage will have a huge effect on how his personality develops. That affects all aspects of your pup’s life and persona. One thing that is very important? Teaching little Fido about being groomed. A Kerrville, TX vet offers some advice on this below.


The biggest thing is to get little Fido used to being touched and handled as he would when being groomed. You’ll also need to get him accustomed to specific grooming tools. Start by just petting him, then gently incorporate a brush and run it over his fur. Incorporate lots of compliments and snacks!

Make It Routine

There’s no set amount of time to spend working with little Fido on this important doggy lesson. Generally, you’ll want to go for frequent but short sessions. You don’t want to force it: if your canine pal seems uncomfortable, then stop. The point is to get him used to it, not to make him wary!

Look At Breed Advice

Fido’s breed will come into play quite a bit as far as his grooming needs go … not just in how often he’ll need to be groomed, but what those beauty sessions will look like. A super fluffy pooch, like a Samoyed, may need to be brushed daily, but will only require occasional baths. Another pooch may need more baths, but only light brushing. Ask your vet for information.


In addition to getting little Fido used to being brushed and bathed, you’ll also need to get him accustomed to having his paws trimmed and his teeth cleaned. As far as pawdicures go, get your puppy used to the feel of the clippers first. Run them around his claws, and make the snapping noise, then give him a treat. When you start snipping the claws, do one at a time.


Doggy dental care is also important. Start by just rubbing your puppy’s teeth and gums with your finger. Correct him gently if he tries to bite. Once he’s used to this, you can start to use a pet toothbrush and toothpaste.

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