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Head Veterinary Technician

Melanie believes that everyone is born with a special gift. Hers happens to be communicating and empathizing with animals. She’s always wanted to do everything in her power to connect with the earth’s creatures, especially those in need, and let them know that they have a friend. What better way to do that, she thought, than by becoming a veterinary professional? Melanie is proud to serve as Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital’s Head Veterinary Technician!

Melanie hails from Dripping Springs and was just 16 years old when she signed on as a Kennel Technician at a local animal hospital, and it wasn’t long before she was working as a front-desk receptionist. In 2014, she joined the team at another veterinary clinic, where her career took off—she trained to become a Veterinary Technician there, and she hasn’t looked back since. Melanie had worked with Dr. Metzger at another clinic ever since 2016, and she jumped at the chance to continue helping pets alongside him when he purchased Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital. She’s been the Head Tech since February of 2019.

Around the clinic, Melanie enjoys seeing pets go home happy and healthy every single day, and she loves working around a team of skilled and determined pet-lovers just like herself. Her favorite part of the job, though, is getting to know the area’s pet owners and forming bonds over time.

When she’s not at work, Melanie likes working out, hiking in the great outdoors, and spending quality time with her own menagerie of pets at home. She has two dogs—Rio the Yellow Lab who loves to play fetch, and a rescued dog named Witten who is constantly by Melanie’s side—as well as three cats: Momma Maples and her daughter, Chunk, as well as a foster-fail named Bravo. Melanie also has a ball python named Martian who loves to escape his enclosure and scare Melanie around the house, and a turtle, Nigel, whose favorite pastime is sunbathing on his floating log.



Veterinary Technician, Receptionist

It’s never been lost on Kayla how big of a role animals play in our lives. She’s always known that she wanted to help take care of those that make us feel whole—the animal companions who give us so much unwavering love and loyalty. That’s why she decided to join the veterinary profession! Kayla is a Veterinary Technician and Receptionist here at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital.

Kayla grew up in a military family and settled in Fredericksburg in 2009. She was only 17 years old when she signed on at a local veterinary hospital in 2013, launching her career in veterinary medicine, and then moved to Austin in 2016 and continued her career at a clinic there. After working alongside Dr. John Metzger for six fulfilling years, Kayla decided to join his team once he had purchased Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 2019. She’s been here ever since!

As a Tech, Kayla enjoys performing blood draws and placing IV lines. She loves the way her job always keeps her on her toes! Kayla also likes being able to work alongside a team of animal-lovers just like herself in a family-oriented setting.

Away from work, Kayla likes spending time outdoors, trying new things, and listening to music. She’s also fond of traveling, and has particularly fond memories of visiting Hawaii and going island-hopping and sky-diving.



Veterinary Technician, Receptionist

Yvette owns pets herself, and she knows just how much they mean to the families of the area. For her, being able to give something back as a member of the veterinary profession is a dream come true! She’s a proud member of Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinary Technician and front-desk teams.

Yvette grew up in Johnson City, Texas and first began her veterinary career at a local clinic in August of 2015. In the fall of the following year, she started working at another hospital, where she would remain for three years. Yvette joined the Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital team in December of 2019 and hasn’t looked back since! She’s especially fond of internal medicine and surgeries, and she also likes the challenge of critical care cases. Most of all, Yvette enjoys interacting one-on-one with the area’s pet owners and getting to meet their loveable companions.

When she’s not at the clinic or completing her coursework—she’s currently studying to become a funeral director!—Yvette likes playing softball in a local adult softball league and spending quality time with her family and pets. Along with her boyfriend and their young daughter, she shares her home with five dogs: Kol, Pup, Lil Pup, Oliver, and Ding-a-Ding.

Janna Duecker


Veterinary Technician

Biology has always been a passion of Janna’s, and after a childhood spent outdoors, surrounded by animals large and small, she decided to go to school and study biology so she could learn more about how living systems function. What better way to apply that passion and knowledge than by working with animals as a Veterinary Technician?

After graduating high school, Janna attended college at Texas A&M Corpus Christi (TAMUCC), where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Organismal Biology. She worked for various companies along the way while in school before ending up at a horse barn, where she assisted the vet with medical care. It was this experience that helped shape Janna’s career path and lead her toward veterinary medicine. 

Professionally, Janna loves many of the things most people would find unconventional. The sights, the smells, and all the interesting cases – nothing phases her. In fact, it’s what she enjoys most about the job. Well, that and the puppies and kittens. Who doesn’t love puppies and kittens?!?

Janna’s own fur family consists of four dogs: Diesel, Molly, Macy and Tito; and a cat named Cadbury (a.k.a. Baby). Tito, a Chihuahua, is Janna’s sidekick and knows a variety of tricks. Janna’s hobbies include training and riding horses, scuba diving, and camping.

Colbie Scallon


Veterinary Technician

Growing up the daughter of a professional dog breeder, Colbie has been surrounded by furry friends since birth. She vividly remembers being a young child and helping to bottle-feed some of the smaller puppies who needed a little extra TLC. It was a truly special feeling, knowing that she’d played a role in helping to save the lives of pups who might otherwise not have survived. Now, as a Veterinary Technician, she gets to experience the joy and fulfillment of helping countless other pets live healthy, happy lives.

Working in the veterinary industry wasn’t always Colbie’s plan. After graduating from Texas State University with a degree in Health and Wellness Promotion for Clinical Populations, she spent a year working in cardiac rehabilitation before realizing human medicine wasn’t a good fit. She then moved to Marble Falls, where she worked at a small animal clinic before relocating to Fredericksburg. Colbie joined the Compassionate Care team in February 2022. 

Outside of the clinic, Colbie is dog-mom to a super-hyper German Shorthaired pointer named Henry. She also has eight chickens, all of whom she’s raised since they were baby chicks. While they all have their own personalities, Colbie’s two favorites are Night Hawk and Bobbie.

One of Colbie’s favorite pastimes is hunting quail and pheasant with Henry. The two also enjoy going on hikes together and visiting different parks throughout Texas. An avid runner, Colbie has met her match in Henry. When she’s not hunting or hitting the trails, you can usually find Colbie in her garden, where she is currently growing jalapeños, tomatoes, and banana peppers.

Taylor Smart


Veterinary Technician

If you run into Taylor outside the clinic, there’s a good chance she’ll be covered in pet hair. Animals have always been a central part of her life, whether it’s noticing the dog across the street or bringing up a new fun fact she recently learned. For as long as she can remember, Taylor has had a passion for helping creatures that are unable to speak for themselves and bringing them comfort and peace when they need help. This passion is something she brings to the table with each and every patient interaction.

Taylor’s journey into the veterinary field started at the tender age of 10 when she began volunteering at a local clinic during her summers. After graduation, she decided to stay local and spent some time working at various kennels and clinics around town. In 2019, Taylor relocated to a practice in Dripping Springs before making her way back to Fredericksburg. She joined the Compassionate Care team in March of 2022. Having worked with Dr. Metzger and several other staff members previously, it seemed like the perfect fit.

In her role as Veterinary Technician, Taylor has a particular affinity for working with hospitalized patients, helping them when they don’t feel well and offering comfort while they’re away from home. She also enjoys dentistry and educating pet parents on all things to help keep their fur babies happy and healthy.

At home, Taylor and her husband have six pets of their own. Bella, a pit mix, was a failed foster whom they adopted shortly after Taylor started working in the field. Tex is a chocolate lab who has more toys than a toddler. The couple’s four cats include Lasso, the oldest and most sophisticated lady, Lainey, who was rescued from a tree on a very windy night in Johnson City, Lexi (their spoiled baby), who was also a foster fail, and Lug Nut, a.k.a. “Nubby,” who received an injury to his lower spine that ended up requiring surgery to remove 90% of his tail. He became the third foster fail. (They might have a slight problem saying no.)

When she’s not busy working or tending to her ever-growing number of pets, Taylor enjoys hunting, coastal fishing, and spending time with family. She and her husband recently purchased an RV, which is where they currently reside – along with their six furry family members.




Hunter was born in College Station and lived there until his father graduated from veterinary school, when his family moved to Fredericksburg. He’s always been fascinated by the world of animal care and knew that he would like to one day follow in his dad’s footsteps. Hunter hopes to become a veterinarian himself in the future! He couldn’t be happier to gain crucial hands-on experience here at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in the meantime.

Hunter was born in College Station until his father graduated from veterinary school, when the family moved to Fredericksburg. He started working here at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 2018, shortly after his father bought the practice. Hunter has a hand in almost all parts of the clinic’s operations—on any given day, he can be found answering calls at the front desk, taking X-rays, washing out the kennels, or even mowing the grounds! He especially likes observing medical procedures that go on behind-the-scenes and learning as much as he possibly can about the field.

When he’s not at work, Hunter enjoys spending all the time he can outdoors.




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