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Summer Senior Pet Care Tips
June 1, 2023

Summer is on the way. This time of year can be brutally hot here in Texas. Heat is tough on all pets, but it’s particularly hard on seniors, as they can’t regulate their temperature as easily as their younger counterparts. In this article, a Kerrville, TX vet offers advice on keeping Fido and Fluffy comfy as that summer heat approaches.

Ice Out

Drop an ice cube into your four-legged friend’s bowl on hot days. Fido may not mind having a few cubes to gnaw on, while Fluffy may want to bat one around the kitchen floor. That’s okay: kitty paw pads are very sensitive to temperatures, so that will still cool her off.

Cooling Pads

Cold pads can also keep Fido and Fluffy cool on scorching days. You can buy some, but you can also just keep a few clean towels in the freezer, and put those on your pet’s bed. Or, use frozen ice packs or bottles of water wrapped in cloth. You may want to consider getting your furry pal a hammock bed for summer. These stay cooler than regular beds, because of the air passing beneath them. Just choose one that’s easy for them to get in and out of


Older pets get tired much more quickly than younger ones. You’ll need to be careful not to overexert Fido and Fluffy. Schedule walks and playtime for morning or evening, when it isn’t as cool out.


Frozen treats can really take a bite out of that summertime heat. You can find ice cream made just for Fido and Fluffy in stores. Or, make your own. There are some great recipes online. Just be sure to stick with ingredients that are not toxic for your furry friend.

Warning Signs

It’s important to know the signs of heat exhaustion in pets, so you know what to watch for. Panting is the first red flag. Granted, Fido may pant lightly when it’s hot, but if he’s panting heavily, he may be overheating. Other warnings include drooling, lethargy, uncharacteristic vocalizations, discolored ears or gums, a warm back, and dark or decreased urine. If you see any of these things and/or any other abnormal signs, immediately take steps to cool your furry buddy off and contact your vet.

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