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Caring For A Longhaired Cat
January 15, 2023

Do you have a fluffy cat? While we think all of our feline pals are cute, longhaired kitties are often strikingly pretty. While Fluffy’s basic needs will be the same as that of any other furball—good food, clean water, and regular veterinary care—she will need a bit of extra help caring for all that hair. A Kerrville, TX vet offers some advice on this below.

Keep Up With Parasite Control

More fur means more spots for fleas and ticks to hide in. Be sure to keep up with Fluffy’s preventative care!


Get into the habit of brushing your furry buddy regularly. Choose a time when your feline pal is feeling relaxed and perhaps a bit sleepy. (You probably won’t need to wait very long for that!) Gently brush, going in the direction of her coat. Incorporate lots of praise, treats, and attention. Don’t be surprised if your kitty starts purring during her beauty session. Many cats enjoy being brushed and pampered! Don’t force it, though: when Fluffy decides she’s had enough, just let her go.

Trim If Needed

Sometimes fluffy cats get dirt or feces stuck in the hair around their bottoms. If needed, you can carefully trim back Fluffy’s fur a bit. Use only rounded scissors, and be super careful.


Obesity is a huge problem among our feline pals. Those extra pounds are very bad for Fluffy’s health. Of course, it can be hard to determine the body condition of fluffy pets just by looking. Your vet, of course, should be the ultimate authority on this. 

Don’t Pull

If Fluffy gets a knot, use a special detangling brush to remove it. Don’t yank or pull too hard. Cats’ skin is quite delicate. You could hurt your little buddy!  

Consider Hairball Preventative

Hairballs are a common issue with longhaired kitties. The more fur Fluffy has, the more she can swallow! Your furball may benefit from a hairball preventative. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Many people think that longhaired cats shed more than shorthaired ones, but that actually isn’t the case. It’s really got more to do with how thick Fluffy’s fur is, rather than how long it is. Kitties that go outdoors also shed more, as they’re more exposed to seasonal weather changes that trigger shedding cycles.

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