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Resolutions Inspired By Cats
January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for yourself for 2023? If so, your kitty will be supervising you closely as you strive to meet them. Actually, Fluffy can help with more than moral support here. It turns out that our feline pals are actually pretty good role models when it comes to setting personal goals. A Kerrville, TX vet suggests a few examples of this below.

Get More Sleep

If there’s one thing our feline buddies have mastered, it’s the art of sleeping. Your furry pal can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. That’s probably a bit too much shuteye for most people, but that’s beside the point. Make sure that you’re well rested!

Soak Up Some Sun

Have you ever found your furball snoozing in a sunbeam? Chances are, the answer to that is a resounding yes. Fluffy will definitely spend a chunk of 2023 charging her ‘catteries’ in a sunny spot.

Stay Active

Cats spend the majority of their time napping, but they can’t sleep all the time. Fluffy usually gets the zoomies at least once a day. Make kitty playtime part of your daily routine. This will be good for your adorable pet, both mentally and physically. 

Eat Well

Kitties may be small, but they’re very, very good at getting us to pamper them. They’re also quite finicky about food. Fluffy is definitely not above yelling at you if you’re late with her third breakfast. You may also get an earful if you offer your furry overlord something that isn’t up to ‘purr’. 

Be Yourself

One thing we can say for sure about cats? They all have very unique purrsonalities. This is a great attitude (or cattitude) to carry forward into the new year. 

Have Fun

Fluffy is always cute, but she somehow manages to be extra adorable when she’s pouncing on a catnip mouse or chasing that elusive red dot. Make room in your schedule for doing things you enjoy.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Kitties may act aloof at times, but they really do get very attached to their humans. Pay lots of attention to your feline friend this year. Life is just better with cats!

All of us here at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital, your Kerrville TX, animal clinic, wish you a wonderful new year. We look forward to offering you great service in 2023 and beyond.