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Reasons Not To Travel With Your Pet
January 3, 2022
Happy New Year! Are you planning to travel this year? Although we may still see restrictions due to the pandemic, hopefully 2022 will bring a return to normalcy. Of course, if you have a pet, you’ll also need to make arrangements for them while you travel. Many hotels and even airlines allow pets. However, just because you can bring your animal companion, that doesn’t mean you should. In this article, a local Kerrville TX vet lists some reasons to leave Fluffy and Fido at home.


Your pet’s comfort should always be the main factor. While a short car ride may not be a huge inconvenience, long road trips and/or plane rides can be very scary and uncomfortable for pets.

Unfamiliar Dangers

This one probably won’t apply if you’re only going a few hours away. However, if you’re going to an entirely different environment, you’ll also want to keep in mind the fact that your furry friend won’t be used to that terrain or the hazards it poses. This can come into play in many different ways, from toxic plants to run-ins with predators to weather tolerance.

Increased Risk Of Getting Lost

Most pets are homebodies. Even dogs and cats that love to explore are usually happiest in their own domains, and can get uneasy in strange places. That nervousness can increase the risk of mishaps. An unfamiliar sound or critter could spook your pet, and cause him to bolt. If he does get away, he’ll be on new territory, and won’t know how to get back to your lodging.


While some animals love adventure, others get very, very anxious during travel. Stress can take a pretty severe toll on our animal companions! This can quickly snowball into issues such as tummy troubles. You definitely don’t want Fluffy or Fido having issues with vomiting and/or diarrhea in a hotel or someone’s house.


While many places are pet-friendly, you may find that the additional fees end up being pretty close to what you would pay for boarding. Add in a few security deposits, and you may even be spending more money!


Some places have very strict requirements for furry guests. This isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker. Just be sure to do your homework. Do you want to schedule boarding for your pet? Contact us, your Kerrville TX animal clinic, today!