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6 Ways To Keep Fluffy Out Of The Tree
December 15, 2021
Happy Holidays! Are you putting a tree up this year? If so, you may find that it brings out the frisky streak in your feline pal. Kitties can’t resist trees, and you really can’t blame them. In Fluffy’s mind, you just gave her a giant cat tower hung with toys! Here, a local Kerrville TX vet offers some advice on keeping your furball out of the tree.

Decorate Carefully

Keep your kitty’s penchant for shenanigans in mind when you decorate. The less interesting you make the tree, the better the chances that you can keep Fluffy away from it. The key is to decorate the lower branches very sparingly, and only with safe, unbreakable objects. Most of the decorations, including the tinsel, lights, and ornaments, should be on the top two thirds.


Many cats absolutely hate the feeling of tinfoil on their paws. Try using some as a tree skirt. You may even like the effect caused by the lights reflecting off it.


If all else fails, you can always try bribing your feline buddy. Give Fluffy some of her toys early. If your furball doesn’t have a cat tower, this is a great time to get her one!

Fake It

Climbing trees comes pretty naturally to cats. After all, their claws are curved to help them scale things. That won’t do Fluffy any good with an artificial tree, however. Plus, you’ll also save money in the long run.

Puppy Fence

This one isn’t exactly foolproof: some kitties will just hop over the fence. However, it’s worth a try!


Telling Fluffy to stay out of the tree may not be terribly effective, but you may be able to make her a little wary about it. When your furball approaches it, do something that will startle and/or annoy her. Making a loud noise should do the trick. Use a bike horn, or set off an alarm on your phone. You can also bang two pots together. Usually we also suggest squirt bottles, but you don’t want to end up with sopping wet gifts.


When you put the tree up, don’t place it near anything Fluffy could use as a jumping off point. That’s just asking for trouble. Season’s Greetings! Please contact us, your Kerrville TX animal clinic, with questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care.