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Keeping A Senior Dog Comfortable
January 15, 2022
As your dog grows older, he’ll go through changes, both physically and mentally. He won’t be as playful as he once was, and he may need some extra TLC. At this stage in Fido’s life, keeping him comfortable should really be the main focus of his care regimen. A Kerrville, TX vet offers some tips on that in this article.


A good bed is absolutely crucial for older dogs. A thin pad won’t really cushion Fido’s bones very well, and won’t offer much by way of warmth or insulation. You may want to get a few different ones, so your pup has options in different rooms.


Fido probably won’t be more fond of baths now than he was as a puppy. However, they are very important to keeping him comfortable. Good grooming will also help keep your pet’s fur soft and clean, which will make it more effective at protecting him from the weather. Nail care and dental care are also important! Consider going to a groomer: this may be easier on Fido than getting lifted in and out of the truck.

Doggy Comforts

Small touches can go a long way towards helping your canine buddy stay both safe and comfortable. Things like pet ramps or stairs, nightlights, carpet runners, and elevated dishes can all make life a little easier for your pooch. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Veterinary Care

Senior dogs will always benefit from having more frequent appointments, so their health can be closely monitored. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule. You’ll also need to call us right away if you notice anything unusual, such as limping, a loss of appetite, or tummy troubles. If your pooch develops arthritis or other conditions, he may benefit from acupuncture or other treatments.


Your dog may not be that furry bundle of zoom he once was, but he’ll still enjoy letting his inner puppy out at times. Playing will help keep Fido fit, it also offers beneficial mental stimulation. Choose soft toys, and play on a lawn or carpet.


Fido is very emotional, and things like stress, depression, and loneliness can really take a toll on him. Keep your pup’s tail going by paying lots of attention to him, and spending time with him every day. As your Kerrville, TX animal hospital, we’re dedicated to offering excellent care. Please call us anytime!