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DIY Holiday Pet Gifts
December 1, 2021
Happy Holidays! One of the best parts of the holiday season is finding that perfect gift for someone you love. Homemade gifts are also very special, because of the thought and effort they require. They can also be fun to make! If you enjoy crafting, read on! In this article, a Kerrville TX vet offers some things you can make for Fido and Fluffy.

Cat Tower

To turn an old step ladder into a cat tower, start by adding smooth planks to the shelves. (These will become Fluffy’s kitty lounging spots.) Then, cover the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. You can also make cat towers from scratch, using PVC pipe or even lumber.

Pet Tent

Does your furry buddy like to hide in enclosed spots? You can make them a pet tent out of an old tee shirt and a wire hanger in just a few minutes!

Litterbox Enclosure

These are great for people in small spaces. You can repurpose an end table, coffee table, chest, or even an old buffet.

Catnip Mice

Does your feline friend go ballistic over catnip? Buy a large bag of catnip in bulk and pick up some cute material, and you’re ready to make Fluffy’s catnip mice! You’ll find patterns online, but you can also just make your kitty’s toys square or oval. She won’t care. (We promise.)

Rope Toy

Many dogs absolutely love rope toys. Cut a tee shirt or towel into thin strips. Braid the strips together, and then braid those braids together. Keep going until it’s the size you want, and then tie it off in a knot. There are actually many variations of this toy, including different shapes and ways to incorporate things like tennis balls or sweet potato sticks. Try some different ones!


A comfy bed is a great gift! The simplest ones to make are plain square ones. You can also make pet beds out of repurposed sweaters, or download a pattern and make one from scratch. Want to give your furry friend a bed frame? Some of the things you could use include hatboxes, hard-shell suitcases, wooden crates, and even wine barrels! Paint or stain it to make it look nice and match your decor. All of us here at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital, your Kerrville TX pet hospital, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Call us anytime!
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