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Prevent A Litter Month
February 15, 2023

February is Prevent A Litter Month. This is a very important cause! The numbers of homeless pets in America are absolutely staggering: estimates range from 30 million to 100 million. One of the best things you can do to promote good animal welfare is to get your furry friend fixed, so they don’t contribute to that population with unwanted litters. A local Kerrville TX vet offers some insight on this below.

The Numbers

It’s easy to see why this is such a crucial issue when you look at the numbers. A pair of kitties can have 2, 072, 514 descendants in just nine years, while pups can have 67,000 in only six. Unfortunately, the rush to adopt pets during the pandemic has not only ceased, but reversed. Not only are more pets being returned, but the pandemic caused many people to delay getting their pets fixed. That, of course, caused a population increase.

The Procedure

If your dog or cat hasn’t been fixed yet, we recommend getting that appointment on the books right away. There has been some debate over the exact age this should happen. The general consensus is that Fluffy should be fixed before she is five months old, as at that point cats are sexually mature and capable of reproducing. As for Fido, opinions vary: ask your vet for advice. That said, even adult pets can be fixed, and this is definitely one area where late is better than never. (Don’t believe the myth about how cats and dogs should have a litter before being fixed: that’s just an old wives’ tail.)


Spay/neuter surgery is very safe, and complications are rare. However, you’ll need to pay some extra attention to your furry pal as they recuperate. Make sure Fido or Fluffy has a clean, comfy bed to relax in. If there are other pets around, you may need to separate them for a few days. Don’t encourage vigorous play or activity until your vet gives you the thumbs up. It’s also important to keep an eye on the surgical site. If you notice anything off, such as discoloration, pus, bleeding, heat, swelling, or ripped stitches, contact your vet right away. You’ll get detailed care instructions at the appointment. Follow these to the letter!

Do you need to schedule spay or neuter surgery? Contact us, your Kerrville TX animal clinic, today!