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Shopping List For Your New Dog
November 21, 2021
October is Adopt A Dog Month! While there’s certainly no bad time to adopt a dog, this is a great time to bring Fido into your home. Your furry friend’s Gotcha Day may very well be the most important day of his life, and it’s a pretty big deal for you, too. Of course, before you bring your canine buddy home, you’ll need to pick up some things for him. A Fredericksburg, TX vet lists some things to put on your shopping list in this article.


A good bed is a must! You may discover that Fido prefers a specific type of bed. For now, just get him a comfy one. Or two.


Playing is both fun and beneficial for Man’s Best Friend! Get Fido a variety of toys. Just take care to choose ones that are appropriate for his age and size.


Most of our canine companions would be more than happy to sample anything and everything in the treat section of pretty much every pet store and supermarket on the planet. We don’t normally condone overindulging Fido. That said, treats can be very helpful for gaining a pup’s trust and helping develop that special friendship between people and pets. For now, opt for smaller snacks.


Good nutrition is a huge part of any good pet care regimen. Choosing dog food isn’t rocket science, but there are some things to consider. Fido’s diet really should be tailored to his age, weight, size, breed, health, and lifestyle. If you know what your furry buddy was eating, get that brand for now. Make changes slowly, and only after talking to your vet.

Grooming Supplies

Fido will need some customized beauty supplies. Some pups only need a single brush and some doggy shampoo. Others need a few different things. If your canine pal has thick fur and/or an undercoat, you’ll need a detangling brush. Of course, no matter what kind of dog you have, you’ll need to pick up paw balm, nail clippers, and doggy dental supplies.


Most dogs are more comfortable in harnesses on walks. However, Fido will still need a collar, so you have something to hang his ID tags on. You’ll also need a sturdy leash, and at least one tie-out line. As your local Fredericksburg, TX animal clinic, we are here to help! Call us anytime!