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Fido’s Halloween Costume
November 21, 2021
Do you enjoy celebrating Halloween? Dressing up can be lots of fun, and it’s popular with people of all ages. Of course, some people like to get their dogs in on the action. Fido does make a pretty cute taco! Just be sure to put your pup’s safety first. A local Kerrville, TX vet offers some advice on that below.


Make sure your furry friend’s outfit fits him well. If you’re ordering online, take your canine buddy’s measurements before making the purchase. (Tip: it’s not a bad idea to text these to yourself, so you always have them handy.)


Don’t forget that Fido is already wearing a fur coat! Dogs can get hot very easily in clothes. Some pooches will be more comfortable in their birthday suits, or wearing something small, like a tie or hat. Keep a close eye on your canine pal, and look for signs that he is getting too hot. Panting is likely the first thing you’ll see. If you see any indications that your pup is too hot, immediately take the costume off him and give him some water.


Your furry buddy’s safety should always come first. Don’t put your pooch in anything that is tight, hot, or itchy. Outfits with dangling parts or small pieces, like buttons, are also a hazard, as some dogs will try to eat these things. Fido’s costume also shouldn’t restrict his vision or movement, and it definitely shouldn’t be flammable. Zippers are another hard no, as they can catch in dogs’ fur. Ouch!


Have some fun with this! Choose something that works with Fido’s personality. A little Chihuahua may look adorable in a super hero outfit, while a Golden Retriever may be absolutely charming as a potato or bumble bee. You can also pick something that goes along with your costume. If you’re going as Batman, have your furry best friend be a four-legged Robin.

Other Options

Our canine companions all have their own unique personas. Some don’t mind dressing up. Others want nothing to do with clothing. Let Fido have his say! If your pup seems uneasy or uncomfortable in his costume, just take a quick picture and remove his outfit. You can always just put a bowtie or bandana on him and call it good. Happy Halloween! Contact us at your Kerrville, TX animal clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!
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