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Protecting Your Pet from Poison Toads
July 15, 2021

Dogs are very curious and playful, traits that are both adorable and fun to have in a pet. However, sometimes Fido’s naturally inquisitive nature can backfire … such as when he comes into contact with poisonous toads. Some toads, particularly the Colorado River Toad and the Cane Toad, are extremely toxic to our canine buddies, and can even be lethal. A Kerrville TX vet offers some more information on this below.

 Clean Water Dishes

It’s very important for Fido to always have access to water when he’s outdoors. However, you’ll need to refresh your furry friend’s water regularly. Some toads sit in pets’ water bowls, which can contaminate the water. Raising them off the ground can help.

Know Toad Cycles

Toads tend to be more active at dusk and dawn. They are also out and about more in warmer weather. Be extra vigilant at these times!

Know Your Enemy

There are thousands of types of frogs and toads. Fortunately, most of them are harmless. Look up the poisonous ones we mentioned above, so you can ID them. (Tip: poisonous toads have visibly enlarged glands, called parotid glands, behind their eyes and below and before their ear holes.)

Teach Fido To Leave It

Teaching Fido to Drop it and Leave it can come in very handy. In some cases, such as when there’s a toad around, they could even save your pup’s life. If your canine companion doesn’t have these down yet, take time to teach him.

Know The Warning Signs

Dogs that have come into contact with toads usually show signs pretty quickly. Drooling is often one of the first things you’ll see. Other red flags include pawing the mouth, refusing to eat, vomiting, whining or whimpering, trembling, trouble breathing, and elevated pulse. If you see any of these symptoms and/or know or suspect that Fido may have had a run-in with a toad, get him to your vet or an emergency clinic right away. Cane toad toxins can be deadly, and can unfortunately kill pets in as little as 15 minutes. Getting your pet immediate treatment is crucial!


Toads are just as poisonous to cats as they are to dogs. The best way to protect Fluffy? Keep her safe, sound, and purring indoors!

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