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Holiday Gifts For Cats
December 1, 2023

Have you figured out what to get all of your friends and family for the holidays? It can be pretty tricky choosing gifts for your loved ones. However, it’s much easier picking things out for our furry family members. A Kerrville, TX vet suggests some purrfect gifts for Fluffy in this article.


If a kitten is joining you for the holidays, you’re certainly in for some super adorable moments over the next few months. Take lots of photos! You may want to get Fluffy her own stocking, which you’ll have for future holidays. As far as gifts, toys are a solid choice for a tiny furball. Furniture is also a good idea for any kitty. We wouldn’t really advise getting too many kitten-sized things. Little Fluffy will outgrow them very quickly!  

Adult Cats

Once your feline pal has grown up, she may very well put catnip at the top of her list. Playthings are still a safe bet. While you can’t go wrong with classics, like stuffed mice, you can also offer your furry friend a smart toy, or perhaps a crinkly ball. Kitties all have their own purrsonal preferences, so you may want to try a few things, and see what goes over best.


Older kitties aren’t as interested in play, but they still have their frisky moments. Choose things that light up or make noise, as they’ll be easier for Fluffy to track. Your adorable pet may also appreciate a senior-friendly litterbox, or some pet ramps or stairs.

Any Cat

Our feline companions are very sleepy, so it’s no surprise that they all appreciate a good bed. Or two. Or five. You may also want to look into getting your furball a subscription box. Choose one that was made just for senior kitties. Treats are still a good call, though you may also want to ask your vet to recommend some supplements. It’s also pretty safe to say that Fluffy will appreciate having some of the empty boxes after everyone has opened their presents.

Homeless Cats

For many charities, this is an important time of year. They often get a large chunk of their donations around the holidays. Consider doing something to help the kitties that don’t have laps to curl up in, such as donating or volunteering. Even small acts of kindness can make a difference.

All of us here at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital, your Kerrville, TX pet clinic, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Contact us anytime!