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Dog Groomer Appreciation Day
November 1, 2023

Today, November 1st, is Dog Groomer Appreciation Day! While our feline friends are pretty self-sufficient in this area, our canine companions need some help with their fur. Fido’s exact grooming needs will depend on the type of coat he has. However, no matter what your pet’s beauty care regimen, groomers can make keeping up with it much easier for you. A local Kerrville, TX vet shines the spotlight on Fido’s stylist in this article.

Benefits Of Going To A Groomer

The most obvious reason to take Fido to the groomer? Convenience. You won’t have to deal with coaxing your canine buddy into the tub, and you won’t have to clean up the ensuing mess. There’s a lot to be said for being able to drop off a dirty—possibly even stinky—pooch at the salon and picking up a clean, fresh smelling one a little while later. No muss, no fuss!

That isn’t the only reason to go to a groomer, though. If you have a large dog or senior, you may have a hard time even getting Fido into the tub in the first place. Many groomers have stations that are easy for large or fragile pups to get in and out of. Some of our canine pals also need medical grooming, which should only be done by professionals.

Tips On Taking Fido To The Salon

Are you considering going from DIY doggy bathing to taking Fido to a salon? Finding the right groomer is crucial. If Fido’s veterinary clinic offers grooming on-site, that’s a great option. They’ll already have his medical records, and can get very clear direction on any medical grooming your pooch needs. Plus, this can also be very helpful if they notice anything unusual, such as a lump or bump.  No matter where you go, be sure to check references and read reviews. Expect that first appointment to take a bit longer than recurring ones: that meet and greet and initial evaluation will take some time.

How To Appreciate Your Groomer

So how does one show appreciation to a groomer? Most groomers accept tips, so that would be an excellent option. You can also send thank-you cards or gift cards. If you’re really happy with your pup’s groomer, give them a shout-out on social media, or leave a glowing review.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Do you need to schedule grooming for your pup? Contact us, your local Kerrville, TX animal clinic, anytime!