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Grooming A Longhaired Cat 
March 15, 2023

Is your feline friend sporting long hair? While we think all cats are cute, fluffy kitties are particularly charming. However, your furry little diva may need a bit of help caring for all that fur. A local Kerrville, TX vet offers some tips on grooming Fluffy in this article. 

Are You Kitten Me?

If Fluffy is still a baby, you definitely have the upper paw. You can get your kitty used to being brushed and, if you choose, bathed, while she’s still young. This will make things much easier for you down the road if your furball ever needs grooming, as she’ll already be familiar with the process. 

Choose The Right Gear

You may need to use a specific shedding tool or brush on your feline buddy. Look at reviews, and see what product will work best. Ask your vet for recommendations. 

Be Gentle 

Longhaired kitties sometimes get knots and tangles, particularly around their little armpits. Be very careful when working with these. Cats have very delicate skin, so you could potentially hurt your feline pal if you pull too hard. 

Make It Fun 

The Golden Rule for grooming cats? Make it enjoyable for Fluffy. You want your furball to think of being groomed and brushed as being pampered. Kitties love being spoiled! Pick a time when your furry friend is feeling relaxed and content, such as after dinner and playtime. Start by just gently petting her, and then incorporate the brush. Offer praise, treats, and catnip to sweeten the deal.

Don’t Force It 

While many cats like being brushed, don’t be surprised if Fluffy only tolerates it for a short time. When your furry little diva decides she’s had enough, just let her go. 

Double Up

Make the most of the time you spend grooming Fluffy. Inspect your furry friend for any signs of illness or injury. Things like swelling, red or flaky skin, lesions, heat, sore spots, or stiffness are all red flags and indications that your kitty needs to see her doctor right away.


Fluffy may occasionally get bad knots. Some longhaired cats also get dirt or feces stuck in the hair around their bottoms. You may need to trim a few trouble spots. Use rounded scissors, and be very gentle! 

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