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Keeping Fido Hydrated
July 3, 2022
Summers can be absolutely sweltering here in Texas. The heat can be very dangerous for our canine companions. Fido can’t cool off very easily, and he does have a fur coat on. Keeping your four-legged hydrated is absolutely crucial in the summer heat. A local Kerrville, TX vet offers a few tips on this below.

Water Stations

The most important thing is to make sure that your dog always has fresh, clean water. You can drop a few ice cubes into his bowl on hot days. If you have a yard for your furry pal to patrol, you’ll need water outside as well. These will need to be cleaned regularly, as they will soon gather dust and bugs. You may need more than one station, especially if you have multiple pets and/or a large house.


Did you know that many dogs prefer to drink running water? Consider getting your four-legged friend a drinking fountain. If you really want to pamper your pooch, install a pet fountain in the yard. Some of these spray water when dogs step on a pad. This is not only adorable to watch, it’s also pretty fun for Fido!


Sodium-free broth is a great treat for our canine pals. It contains electrolytes, which help with hydration. Offer Fido a chilled bowl when it’s hot out. Frozen broth cubes may also get that tail going.


Keep water content in mind when choosing your pup’s snacks. Offer summer favorites such as doggy ice cream and pupsicles. You can buy or make them: there are plenty of recipes online. You can create your own. The main thing is just to stick with safe ingredients.

Out And About

Any time you take Fido off your property, you’ll need to bring water along. Consider getting a doggy water bottle with an attached dispenser. These are great to have when you’re on the go! It’s also a good idea to keep water in your car at all times.

Warning Signs

Keep a close eye out for possible signs of dehydration. Some of these include panting, sunken eyes, discolored gums, dark or reduced urine, trembling, and vomiting. If you see any of these, bring your pooch to a cool area, give him some lukewarm water, and contact your vet. Is your canine companions ready for an exam? Contact us, your local Kerrville, TX animal clinic, today!