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Reasons To Adopt A Greyhound
April 1, 2022
April is Adopt A Greyhound Month! These sweet pups have had a tough run … literally. As you may know, greyhound racing has become illegal in many places. That’s a huge win for Fido! While the numbers of retired racers needing homes are slowly declining, there are still plenty of these sweet pups out there up for adoption. A Kerrville TX vet lists some reasons to consider adopting them below.

They’re Super Lovable

Greyhounds are very sweet souls, and they really do have a way of melting hearts. You may be surprised at how quickly these special dogs can melt your heart!

Very Affectionate

Greyhounds can be very loving and cuddly to their humans. In fact, they’re so sociable that they often get depressed if left alone too long!

Couch Potatoes

Fido pretty much has two gears: full speed ahead and full stop. Though your canine companion will need a vigorous walk or run every day, once he’s gotten his workout in, he’ll probably just want to relax.

Highly Intelligent

Greyhounds are both very smart and very trainable. One of these exceptional pooches, Comet, was an exceptional service dog. There’s even a book about him!

Light Shedder

Greyhounds do shed, but they aren’t the sort of heavy shedders that will leave you and pretty much everything you own covered in fur. That’s a huge plus!

Apartment Friendly

Believe it or not, Fido is a good match for apartment dwellers. You’ll just need to take your furry friend to the park regularly, so he can burn off those zoomies.

Cute Clothes

Greyhounds have very thin skin, which helps keep them from overheating on those sprints. However, Fido will be quite sensitive to cold, so he’ll need a sweater or jacket on chilly days. Have fun with this. Greyhounds look super cute when they’re all dressed up!


Greyhounds really are great pets. However, these sweet pups do have some specific care needs. Fido will need a martingale collar, as he’ll easily slip out of a regular one. He’s also very sensitive to any sort of chemical, so you’ll need to be careful not to expose him to things like pesticides or fertilizers. Do plenty of research! We also recommend finding a vet that is experienced with greyhounds. Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your local Kerrville TX animal clinic, today!
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