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Spotlight On The Blue Lacy
March 1, 2022
Did you know that we have an official state dog? The Blue Lacy was given the honor of being our canine mascot back in 2005. Fido also goes by the names Texas Blue Lacy, Lacy Dog, Lacy Hog Dog, Lacy Game Dog, and Lacy Cur. Of course, no matter what you call them, these are wonderful pups. A Kerrville, TX vet discusses this very good boy below.


Blue Lacies have been in the Lone Star State for almost two hundred years. They get the name from their original breeders, the Lacy brothers. The Lacys started the line in the mid-1800’s, by mixing Greyhounds, scent hounds, English Sheepdogs and/or coyotes. They wanted to create a breed that would be great at herding hogs, but would also be a suitable family pet. Mission accomplished! It’s worth noting that Blue Lacys aren’t currently recognized by the AKC. However, that will hopefully change at some point.


Smart and active, the Lacy is a working dog. Fido excels at several doggy activities, such as treeing game, hunting hogs, and running trap line, as well as herding and droving. These pups are excellent trackers, and are popular with both ranchers and trappers. They’re also very loyal and loving with their humans. Because they are so smart and active, they absolutely must have proper training. It’s also a good idea to work on snake avoidance, especially if you live in a rural area. Your canine pal will also need plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Near Miss

The Blue Lacy isn’t a very well-known dog outside of Texas. In fact, they almost became extinct back in the 70’s. Breeders and fans made a concerted effort to increase the Blue Lacy population, saving the pups.


In 2008, the Blue Lacy was a contender to replace Reveille VII as the mascot of Texas A&M University. However, the school ended up continuing its tradition of picking a collie.


The name Blue Lacy is a bit of a misnomer. Blue Lacys are actually gray, and can range from light silver to a very dark, almost gray. There are also Red Lacys, which can be any color from a cream to a darker rust. Then there’s the tri, which has both blue and red coloring. Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Kerrville, TX animal clinic!