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Reasons to Take Your Pet to the Groomer
June 15, 2021

Is your canine buddy getting a bit stinky? Do you have a longhaired pup? If so, you may want to consider taking your furry friend to a groomer. This is of course a lot easier for you, but convenience isn’t the only thing to consider. A local Fredericksburg, TX vet lists some reasons to take your pet to the salon in this article.

 Less Mess

Bathing Fido is usually a bit of a production, one that may very well end with both you and your bathroom soaking wet and plastered in dog fur. You may very well spend less time driving your canine pal to the salon and back than you would cleaning up after doggy bathtime!

Practiced Eye

Hopefully this goes without saying, but taking your pet to a groomer should never replace bringing him to the vet. That said, groomers are professionals who tend to have pretty sharp eyes. Fido’s hairdresser may spot something of concern, such as a lesion, swelling, or a sore spot. This can be extremely helpful, as discovering issues early on is always beneficial.

Medical Grooming

Medical grooming consists of things like anal gland expression, ear hair trims, and treatment for issues such as ringworm, as well as grooming under sedation. These things should only be done by trained professionals. 


If your pooch has thick fur, he may be more comfortable with a cool haircut when it’s really hot out. A good groomer can give your pup that adorable lion cut, or just take some extra length and weight off his fur. This is also something best left to the pros.


Long nails can be very problematic for our canine companions! However, many pups don’t care for pawdicures. Even if you don’t have a hard time bathing Fido, you may have trouble clipping his claws. This is another benefit of taking your pet to the salon.

One And Done

If your veterinarian has a groomer on site, as we do, then you also have another great perk. You may be able to drop Fido off for his checkup or vaccinations, and pick up a clean, happy pooch. You also get to enjoy one-stop shopping, as you can pick up food, prescriptions, or parasite control at the same time.

As your local Fredericksburg, TX veterinary hospital, we are always happy to help! Call us anytime!