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Keeping a Senior Cat Comfortable
January 15, 2021

Did you know that cats are considered seniors around age 10? Fluffy may still act like a kitten at times, but her needs will change over time. As your kitty ages, she’ll need a bit of extra care. A Kerrville TX vet offers some tips on helping your pet stay comfortable in her senior years below.

B  eds

By the time Fluffy becomes a furry retiree, she’ll be a master napper. After all, she has spent most of her life practicing! Making sure your pet has lots of comfy beds and napping spots is one of the best—and easiest—ways to keep her content.


Cats are pretty diligent about their grooming routines. Fluffy will spend up to a third of her waking time cleaning herself. As she gets older, she’ll become stiff and sore, which may make it hard for her to reach her whole body. Help her out by brushing her regularly.

Veterinary Care

Keeping up with Fluffy’s doctor’s appointments is very important! When you have your pet examined regularly, it’s much more likely that any developing issues, such as diabetes, for example, can be caught early. This makes treatment much easier, and often more successful.

Updated Bathroom

Senior furballs have an easier time getting in and out of a litterbox with low sides. Consider upgrading her purrsonal powder room! If your home has more than one floor, put litterboxes on every level. That way, Fluffy won’t have to use the stairs as much. 


People often have trouble with their vision as they grow older. That happens to pets, too! Keep nightlights on after dark for your kitty.


Did you know that senior cats somehow manage to sleep even more than their  younger counterparts? Take time to play with Fluffy every day. Pouncing and jumping are both great kitty workouts. Even a few minutes of batting at a catnip mouse will be beneficial. 

Keep Fluffy In

This is a big one! Older felines are more susceptible to injury than young cats are, as they just aren’t quick or agile enough to escape dangers. They are also at higher risk of getting lost. Plus, Fluffy will become more sensitive to temperature extremes in her golden years. Keep your feline pal safe and sound indoors.

Please contact us, your Kerrville TX veterinary clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re always happy to help!