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Keeping Your Cat Safe In The Heat
April 15, 2022
Summer is coming! While we may still have a little while before the worst of the heat arrives, things are already quite warm. Hot weather can be very dangerous for kitties! Fluffy doesn’t have many ways to cool herself down, so she can get into serious trouble if she overheats. A Kerrville, TX veterinarian offers some tips on keeping your feline buddy cool and comfy in this article.


Keeping pets hydrated is always important, but it becomes especially crucial in hot weather. Cats can’t sweat to cool themselves off the way we can, and panting isn’t as effective for them as it is for dogs. Make sure Fluffy always has plenty of fresh, cool water. Many kitties prefer running water, so you may want to try getting your furry buddy a pet fountain.


Playing is lots of fun for kitties, and it’s also good for them. However, it’s best to save those play sessions for night time, when it’s a little cooler. (There’s a good possibility that Fluffy knows overheating is dangerous, and is perhaps overcompensating a bit with all of those naps. However, that’s another topic.)


Another thing you can do to help keep your feline friend cool? Brush her! Dead fur and dander can get quite hot and itchy. Fluffy will be much more comfortable with it gone! This is also a good time to check your furball over, and look for things like swelling, bumps, or sensitivity.

Keep Kitty In

We can’t overstate how much safer our feline pals are indoors. Simply keeping Fluffy inside, in rooms cooled by fans or climate control, is going to be the easiest way to protect her from those soaring temperatures.

Cold Treats

It’s hard to beat that refreshing feeling of enjoying a cold treat on a sweltering day. Why not make Fluffy something? You can chill some canned food, or mix it with water and freeze it in ice cube trays. There are also freezable squeeze treats you can buy for your furball in stores.


Hammock beds are great for hot weather. Because air moves beneath them, they stay cooler than regular ones. You can buy these, but you can also go the DIY route. Fluffy won’t care! Do you have any questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your Kerrville, TX animal hospital, today!
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