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Unfortunately weight issues are all to common in pet, 54% of American pets are overweight. There are two factors to keep in mind when you consider the issues associated with overweight/obese pets, HEALTH and MONEY.

          The first factor, HEALTH. Pets who are overweight suffer the same health issues that humans do. Issues such as osteoarthritis,type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease and cancer. All of these, unfortunately lead to a shorter life expectancy for your pet. Sadly, by the time most people recognize their pet has a health/weight issue, its often too late.

          The second factor to consider is COST. Overweight pets cost their owners tens, if not hundred of millions of dollars each year in unnecessary vet bills. A lot of the vet care expenses associated with weight issues would disappear if owners would start making smarter and better food choices for their pet, as in a quality food. In the long run, better food choices can help save money.

          Owners always want to know what causes a pet to become overweight. Weight gain is a result of an increase in body fat. This is usually caused by eating too much of a high calorie food and not enough exercise. There can be other contributing factors to take into consideration and ask your vet about.

Age- older pets are less active, have less energy and therefore burn          less calories.     

Breed- some dog breeds are more prone to gain weight than others.

Neutering/Spaying-(the following reason is not a reason to not                                          neuter or spay your pet) Neutering/ spaying                                      your pet can slow down their metabolism. Which                                means with careful guidance from your                                              veterinarian , your pet can be changed to a diet                                  that is appropriate for their life stage, breed, and                                lifestyle demands of your pet.

Medical problems- issues that would require further testing through                                 blood work and other forms of diagnostics.

Over feeding- unlimited access to a food source or feeding too                                much at each feeding.

Feeding table scraps

Lack of exercise

           All dogs have an ideal for their breed and build. Once an animal becomes overweight and loses weight, they may be more prone to reoccurring weight gain in the future. Therefore, a lifestyle/diet change for your pet is needed. 

          We would love to help you prolong the life of your pet for many years of memories. Call us today to set up an appointment and let us help you get your pet on a healthy diet and exercise program, We love them as well.



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